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At Risk Compensatory Education

At Risk/Compensatory Education

Kennedale ISD expects that each student who enters school will graduate from high school and be academically and vocationally prepared to succeed. When a student is struggling academically or participates in behaviors that might keep him/her from graduating, we become concerned.

Compensatory Educations offers supplementary programs or services designed to improve the educational achievement of students who have been identified as at risk for not achieving or dropping out of school. Guidelines for identification are provided by the state. These services or programs provide intensive or accelerated instruction designed to enable students to perform at the appropriate grade level and to graduate.

To be eligible to participate in a compensatory program, Kennedale ISD uses student performance data from various sources such as skills assessments, class performance, and TAKS scores. Based upon the information from these and other sources, the campus staff will recommend the supplemental services that should be provided to enhance student learning opportunities.