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Human Growth & Development

Human Growth & Development


KISD fifth and sixth graders will be viewing a video on growth and development titled “Always Changing” and a brief discussion will follow. The video and instruction help to meet the requirements of the Texas Education Code: Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) 115 for Health Education, Grade 5.

In addition to age-appropriate information about personal health and hygiene habits, fifth graders are taught about the anatomy of the human body and the changes that come with puberty. Students are taught how to maintain healthy body systems and prevention of disease. We will discuss personal hygiene, emotional changes, and the importance of good nutrition and exercise. We understand that early adolescence can be a difficult time. Your student is going through changes that they need to understand and know how to handle. You can make this time of change easier for your students by explaining that these changes are normal and that everyone goes through them. You can also help your child understand the physical changes in their bodies and encourage them to practice good hygiene skills. Teaching these lessons today helps to build the habits for a healthy tomorrow, emotionally and physically. 

VideosTo view the videos, please visit the links below: