• Kennedale ISD believes that regular school attendance is crucial to each students academic success.  It is the District's goal to provide every KISD student with the best educational experience possible, and in order to do this, students must be in attendance to receive valuable instruction each school day.  Texas has a Compulsory Attendance Law that requires children ages 6 - 18 to attend school every day it is in session.

    In addition to the Compulsory Attendance Law, there is the 90 Percent Rule which states that students must attend class for 90 percent of the time it is offered to receive credit for the class. If a student's attendance does not meet or exceed that 90 percent threshold, they may be denied credit or promotion.  District policy states that all absences shall be considered in determining whether a student has attended the required percentage of days.  This includes both excused and unexcused absences.  

    When it is necessary for your child to be absent, a parent signed note or doctor's note must be provided immediately up return to excuse the absence.

    Should your child accumulate three unexcused absences for a day or a part of a day in a four week period or five total unexcused absences for a day or part of a day, they will be subject to Truancy Prevention Measures in an effort to deter further absences. 

    Should your child's pattern of absences continue and indicate ten unexcused absences for days or parts of days in six months, a truancy complaint may be filed on you, the parent, in criminal court.  This filing typically results in court costs and fine.

    If you have any questions concerning this correspondence, please contact your child's school.