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  • The mission of the Kennedale Independent School District is to provide a diverse, engaging, and safe environment where all stakeholders are responsible and accountable for student success.


  • We will provide an exceptional learning experience to promote high levels of achievement and postsecondary readiness for all students.
  • We will engage students, families, and community stakeholders to foster shared responsibility for student success.
  • We will ensure that all students and staff learn & work in asafe environment that is responsive to the academic, social, and emotional needs of our stakeholders.
  • The district will establish systemic and systematic operational processes to align resources with its mission, vision, and goals.


  • Students are a diverse community of learners who will be equipped & provided with broad opportunities and experiences that cultivate integrity, leadership skills, community involvement and support for success. Success is reflected by evidence of grit, appreciation for diverse perspectives and experiences, with global competitiveness and confidence.
  • Parents and families should be active essential partners who work together with mutual respect and trust for the benefit of students and staff.
  • Teachers represent a diverse group that love their job, love their students, are flexible, and create a safe and engaging learning environment that is equitable for all because they are the backbone of the district.
  • Campus leadership should be innovative, responsive, and accountable community builders.
  • Central Office and the Superintendent exist to provide a transparent and visionary operation that is dedicated to servant leadership, in conjunction with district staff & students. In addition, ensuring that all campuses will be safe, secure spaces, while meeting the essential needs of all students.
  • The School Board should be engaged with the community and held accountable for student learning by listening, collaborating, and building consensus to make decisions based upon best practices and research while remaining within the scope of their elected responsibilities.
Last Modified on March 27, 2023