• These accountability reports consist of accountability summaries, data tables for each domain, and distinction designation reports for 2018 accountability. Accountability student listings include data that was used to calculate the STAAR performance; College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR); Academic Growth; and English Language Proficiency components for 2018 accountability.
    Districts and campuses that receive an accountability rating of A, B, C, or D are eligible for distinction designations. Distinction Designations compare campus performance to the performance of forty similar campuses – if campus performance is at the same level as the top 10 campuses in their comparison group, then the campus earns a distinction.
    Distinction Designations are awarded in the following areas:

    • Academic Achievement in English Language Arts/Reading
    • Academic Achievement in Mathematics
    • Academic Achievement in Science
    • Academic Achievement in Social Studies
    • Top 25%: Comparative Academic Growth
    • Top 25%: Comparative Closing the Gaps
    • Post-Secondary Readiness

    Kennedale ISD

    ennedale High School
    Kennedale Junior High
    Arthur Intermediate
    Patterson Elementary
    Delaney Elementary