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Safety Preparation

Emergency Operations Plans

KISD has had a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) in place for several years and that plan is updated annually. This plan prepares us for action and establishes teams, chains of command, and specific steps to take. Both campus staff and students are trained and drilled throughout the school year on a variety of potential emergency situations.  Each school campus along with support sites has detailed emergency operation plans which provide directions on how emergency events will be handled.  Also, Kennedale ISD works closely with all local First Responders through planning and conducting emergency drills so all are prepared if an event occurs. 

What is emergency preparedness and what emergencies does Kennedale ISD prepare for?
Kennedale ISD preparedness involves four elements - prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. KISD has established an emergency operation plan (EOP) that has procedures and processes in place for each element.

Can I see the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that has been developed?
Doing so could increase the risk to students and staff by allowing plans to come into the hands of those who may pose a risk to our campuses and facilities. Texas law exempts sensitive information from being disclosed publicly.




SECURE | A secure drill is used when there is a situation outside the building that may be harmful. Any students who are outside the building are moved inside the building and all external doors remain locked, including the front door. We will continue to do business as usual in the classroom.

LOCKDOWN | A lockdown drill is used when there is a threat inside the campus. The campus is secured and all external and internal doors are locked. If this situation arises, all students and staff remain secure in a classroom or a secure locked area, if possible. Parents will not be allowed to enter the building during a lockdown.

EVACUATION | An evacuation drill is an emergency response when staff and students are ordered to leave the school building.

SHELTER | A shelter drill is an internal procedure where students and staff are kept inside the school facility to protect them from an external hazard such as a weather-related event or chemical hazard.