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Programs, Tools & Resources

Kennedale ISD has several programs, tools, and resources to ensure KISD student's and staff members' safety:

Physical Security

Intelligence Gathering

  • Crime Stoppers
  • Friends For Life

Safety Tools & Resources

  • Standard Response Protocol
  • Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan
  • Crisis Communication Plans
  • Safety Drills
  • Security Audits

Physical Security

Security Cameras

Kennedale ISD conducts frequent audits of all security cameras to ensure proper performance and appropriate image quality, identifying and addressing major concerns. Additional cameras are installed as needed.

School Resource Officers

The district partners closely with the Kennedale police department. We have armed school resource officers patrolling our campuses. Officers are present daily at our secondary campuses and make frequent visits to our elementary campuses as well. These officers provide security, counseling, and education.

Raptor Visitor Management System

Raptor is a visitor tracking system that enhances our school security. The system reads visitor driver’s licenses (or other government-issued photo IDs), compares information to a sex offender database, alerts campus administrators if a match is found, then (assuming no match was made) prints a visitor badge that includes a photo of the visitor.

Intelligence Gathering

Prevent crisis situations by reporting suspicious or dangerous situations to appropriate law enforcement and/or district safety personnel while remaining anonymous.  If you have an emergency, please call 911!      

Kennedale ISD knows students see and hear things. A vital step in prevention is early identification of potential threats and intelligence gathering. In partnership with Tarrant County Crime Stoppers and Friends for Life, KISD provides students with a platform to submit anonymous tips. Students are encouraged to report information that is criminal, threatening, inappropriate, or potentially harmful on topics that may include:

  • Bullying
  • Dating violence
  • Cyberbullying
  • Family violence/abuse
  • Gang activity
  • Sexting
  • Sexual harassment
  • Suicidal thoughts

Crime Stoppers and Friends for Life are designed to allow you to anonymously report information about violence, drug or alcohol use, student safety, or other situations that may concern you. You can feel safe in reporting information using the online anonymous form. Please respect the integrity of the system and report information you believe to be true. Reporting false information can result in criminal prosecution.

Tips may be submitted anonymously at WWW.469TIPS.COM or by calling Crime Stoppers 817-469-8477.