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Substitute Employment | Substitute Resources

* We are no longer accepting substitute applications for 23-24. Please check back in July for 24-25!

Substitute Teachers | Requirements 

  • Complete an online substitute teacher application.
  • Provide all necessary documentation, paperwork and clear a mandated background check.
  • Copy of College Transcripts (if you possess a Bachelor's or Master's Degree)
  • Copy of Teaching Certificate (if applicable)
  • If the completed application meets the needs of the district, you will be invited to attend Kennedale ISD Substitute New Hire Orientation.

Substitute Nurses | Requirements 

  • Applicants must have a current Nursing license and CPR Certification.
  • Complete an online substitute nurse application.
  • Provide all necessary documentation, paperwork and clear a mandated background check. 
  • Copy of Nursing license
  • Copy of CPR Certificate 
  • Once your application is completed, you will be contacted if your credentials meet our current needs.

Required State Fingerprinting Process 

The 80th Legislative Session authorized Senate Bill 9 which expands the criminal history review by the State Board for Educators Certification (SBEC) to all public school employees including substitute teachers and substitute nurses.  Substitutes must complete the process prior to being hired at KISD.  Substitutes must pay a fee of $47.50 for this process.  These fees will not be reimbursed by the district.  If you have had your fingerprints completed for another Texas School District, you should not have to repeat this process.  However, if you have completed fingerprinting for other reasons (including childcare providers, handgun licenses, nursing, etc.) you will be required to have them registered again to meet the requirements outlined in Senate Bill 9.
If fingerprints are to be completed, we will contact you the week leading up to your scheduled orientation with the appropriate forms.

Kennedale ISD participants in E-Verify

2023-2024 Compensation

The rate of pay for substitute teachers is based on the applicant's qualifications. Qualifications are determined by official transcripts and proof of certification, if applicable. Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, substitute teachers will not be required to have a minimum college hour requirement to be eligible for substitute teaching assignments.  Pay rates are as follows:  

Paraprofessional Substitute Assignment | Pay Rates

All Para Assignments                                       $80.00 per full day                        $40.00 per ½ day

Professional Substitute Teaching Assignment | Pay Rates

Non-Degreed                                                     $90.00 per full day                        $45.00 per ½ day

Degreed (Bachelors or higher)                      $100.00 per full day                       $50.00 per ½ day

Certified Teacher                                              $110.00  per full day                      $55.00 per ½ day

Long Term Assignments                                Additional $10.00 per day of assignment, after working 10 or more consecutive school days

Long Term Substitute Pay

Long-term assignments are those in which the teacher substitutes for any KISD teacher for 10 or more consecutive school days.  Long-term assignments that are for the same teacher for 10 or more consecutive days shall be established prior to the beginning of the assignment.

Should a break in service occur, the pay reverts back to the standard substitute pay until the substitute works another 10 or more consecutive school days.


All substitutes are required to attend a Substitute New Hire Orientation.  The orientation will be held onsite at the Kennedale ISD Administration Building and will take approximately 3 hours.


Questions regarding Kennedale ISD Substitute Orientation, contact Frankie Bryson at