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Fentanyl Awareness



What is Fentanyl?
It is a deadly synthetic opioid pressed into fake pills or cut into heroin, cocaine, and other street drugs to drive addiction.

To help fight the Fentanyl problem, Kennedale ISD is:

  • Partnering with local law enforcement, emergency management, and health authorities to monitor and collaborate on the best way to combat the crisis.
  • Narcan is kept at KHS and KJH and is made available to all campuses.
  • School Nurses and School Resource Officers (SROs) can administer Narcan quickly enough to help reverse the effects of a fentanyl overdose.
  • The district will host a parent workshop for English and Spanish speakers in April.
  • District Counselors and Social Workers will continue to inform students about Fentanyl dangers at campus assemblies.
  • Informational posters, including “One Pill Can Kill,” have been distributed to all campuses and placed in hallways and all restrooms.

To help fight the Fentanyl problem, you can:

  • Talk to your children and tell them:
    • ANY pill they get from a friend, purchased online or off the street, could be a counterfeit pill containing Fentanyl.
    • Only take medication that a doctor prescribes, purchased at a pharmacy, and approved by parents or guardians.   
  • Visit the DEA One Pill Can Kill website to learn about the fentanyl crisis and help spread the word about its dangers.
  • To start, visit the Fentanyl Facts page on the Centers for Disease Control website.
  • Ensure that your child delivers all medications, including over-the-counter medications, to the school nurse for distribution. Students should not carry medications at school or share them for any reason.
  • Contact your school nurse or counselor with any specific concerns or if you need additional resources unique to your family.

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