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Paw Pride KISD 7 CORE Character Traits

Paw Pride

At Kennedale ISD, there are 7 core character traits that we have to show our pride.

KISD 7 Core Character Traits


Defined: To care for and respect your home, school, community, and environment.
Demonstrated: Follow school rules, Respect  others, Improve your environment.


Defined: To show concern for the well-being of others through both words and actions.
Demonstrated: Help others, forgive, be kind.


Defined: To show high regard for self, be courteous and considerate of others.
Demonstrated: Tolerance, good  manners, peaceful conflict resolution.


Defined: To exhibit self-discipline, use self-control, good citizenship, and be accountable for your own behavior.
Demonstrated: Self-management, think before you act, consider consequences 


Defined: To acknowledge the importance of staying with a task and not giving up.
Demonstrated: GRIT,  determination, endurance

Honesty | Integrity

Defined: To demonstrate trustworthiness, fairness and truthfulness.
Demonstrated: Have  courage to do the right thing, build a good reputation, be reliable.


Defined: To show that when two or more people work together by combining their talents and abilities, the task can be accomplished in a more efficient and effective manner.
Demonstrated: Patience, teamwork, be open-minded; listen to others.