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Communications HQ

Administrator Communication | Messaging


Configure Alerts
You can determine whether or not to receive social media alerts, and which schools you want for the alerts.
1. From the Settings, select Configure alerts.
2. Select On for Social Media Alert to receive alerts. Select Off to turn the alerts off.
3. To select specific schools to receive alerts, choose Select Schools.
4. Select the schools you want to receive alerts for.
5. Select Back when finished.

Messages in HQ Mobile App

  • With the Blackboard Communications HQ app, you have access to the same message-creating capabilities and features that currently exist on the web interface.
  • Create a message and send it via Phone, Email, Text, Push Notification, as well as posts to Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds.
  • You can also cancel the message from the Blackboard Communications HQ app, send it as an emergency message, start and end delivery times selected, or be translated into different languages.

For more information on sending messages on the HQ app, visit