• SAT School Day

  • Taking the SAT is an important step for students who plan to attend college after high school. It’s a globally recognized college admission test that’s accepted at all U.S. colleges, measuring what students are learning in high school and what they need to know to succeed.

    SAT School Day gives students the opportunity to take the SAT on a weekday—instead of a weekend—in the comfort of their own school.  Learn more here: https://pages.collegeboard.org/sat/school-day/parents

    Students taking SAT School Day do not register themselves through College Board, they will simply need to complete the appropriate registration form at the link below:

    ·       12th Grade Students:  Registration Form: SAT School Day | 12th   (Registration & Payment Deadline: September 12, 2022)

    ·       11th Grade Students:  Registration Form: SAT School Day | 11th   (Registration Deadline: January 14, 2023)

    Kennedale High School students are eligible for one free SAT School Day exam either in the spring of the junior year or either semester of the senior year.  For current seniors who participated in the SAT School Day in March 2022 and wish to retake the exam, the standard exam fee is $55.00 and the reduced fee for students qualifying for NSLP is $8.00.