Kennedale ISD GT Equity Policy

  • The Gifted and Talented State Plan (2019) states:

    2.24 Access to assessment and, if needed, gifted/talented services is available to all populations of the district (19 TAC §89.1(3)).

    2.25 The population of the gifted/talented services program is closely reflective of the population of the total district and/or campus.

    Kennedale ISD supports equitable representation in the GT program and is committed to providing GT screening opportunities to students from a variety of linguistic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds. The district will utilize mid-year universal screener data to identify the top 5% of K-6 students to participate in our GT screening process annually. Students who receive behavioral and/or academic accommodations will be evaluated according to their documented 504, IEP, or LPAC committee recommendations.

    We are committed to ensuring equity across all gifted & talented programs in Kennedale ISD.