• Counselors on Call

    While school is out of session, we have KISD Counselors on Call for any student and/or family who need services during the break. Students and parents can fill out the Counselor Request Form, and a counselor will contact you promptly.

    Virtual Counselor-Led Group Session
    The most important thing children need is to have an opportunity to be heard and to be able to express their feelings. Fostering environments that bridge social connection, even in a virtual world, is critical to the healthy processing for students. Now more than ever, we must work collaboratively to support the mental health needs of children.

    In addition to supporting students via phone, we are adding virtual opportunities for your student(s) to participate in a group processing session. Crisis counselors from our Region 11 Counseling Team will be conducting virtual sessions on Thursday, July 16. The schedule below details the crisis group counseling support session times and sign-up form so we can send the appropriate zoom link and password for the virtual counseling sessions.  

    Parent Strategies & Grounding Ideas