• Region XI Trainings

    Teaching to the Top: Lesson Design with the Gifted Learner in Mind
    April 7, June 11

    Gifted and Talented: When Bright Kids Do Bad Things - Negative Behavior, Self-Talk, and Self-Image in the Gifted
    April 14, June 16

    From Meets to Masters: Gifted Strategies to Help ALL Students Grow
    April 28, June 9, June 30


    GT Update (6 Hours)
    GT 6-Hour Update: Powerful Questioning and Authentic Inquiry Across the Contents
    April 21

    G/T 6-Hour Update: Reaching Overlooked and Underserved Populations
    June 23 


    GT Series with Region XI (30 Hours)
    Gifted/Talented: Identification and Assessment of Gifted/Talented Students
    March 17, May 13, June 15

    Gifted/Talented Series: Models of Differentiated Instruction for GT Students
    April 23, May 14, June 18

    Gifted/Talented Series: Creativity and Critical Thinking for GT Students 
    May 15, June 25

    Gifted/Talented Series: Engaging Gifted Students by Adding Depth and Complexity 
    May 18, June 26


    Online Training

    30 Hour Training - Google Classroom - ru3zuma
    6 Hour Update - Google Classroom - h3yblzo