• Kennedale ISD Mission
    The mission of the Kennedale Independent School District as an educational leader in partnership with families and the community, is to provide opportunities for academic excellence in a safe and supportive environment so that today's students can become tomorrow's leaders.

    Kennedale ISD Goals
    Goal #1     KISD has quality, highly motivated faculty and staff.
                      1. Recruit and hire the best qualified personnel available.
                      2. Create and maintain a supportive environment to retain personnel.
                      3. Involve faculty and staff as team members in a partnership to achieve 

    Goal #2     KISD will develop learning standards to meet the needs of all learners.
                      1. Create environments in which all learners are engaged.
                      2. Prepare each learner to be college and/or career ready for the 21st century.
                      3. Utilize state of the art technology and facilities for optimized learning.

    Goal #3     KISD partners with families and community to strengthen the educational process.
                      1. Utilize varied forms of communication to reach the community.
                      2. Encourage communication and participation with partners and stakeholders in the
                          educational process.
                      3. Promote strong involvement through community and school programs.

    Goal #4     KISD recognizes and appreciates people who contribute to the success of our schools 
                         and community.