• Curriculum Adoption & Instructional Materials Review

    Kennedale ISD and the Curriculum & Instruction department are committed to providing educators and students quality curriculum resources and instructional materials. The Curriculum & Instruction department is also committed to providing high quality professional development to guide teachers in delivering instruction that promotes student growth and achievement. Instructional materials are selected using a district developed process and district-wide committee. Members of the committee have the opportunity to view available materials, sample resources in their classroom, collect feedback, and help make an informed decision on selecting a high quality, state aligned curriculum.

    A Brief Overview of the KISD Adoption Process

    Texas is one of 22 states with a process for approval or adoption of instructional materials. The Texas Constitution, Article VII, Section 3, requires that the State Board of Education (SBOE) set aside sufficient money to provide free instructional materials for children attending the public schools in the state. Funds to be expended on instructional materials are appropriated by the Texas Legislature on a bi-yearly basis.

    Evaluation and Adoption of New Instructional Materials

    Bids for new instructional materials from the publishing industry are solicited by means of a proclamation issued by the SBOE. Publishers who plan to offer instructional materials for adoption in the state provide finished-format review samples to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for review. Members of the state review panels are charged with evaluating instructional materials to determine coverage of essential knowledge and skills and with identifying factual errors. Texas residents are also allowed to file written comments regarding instructional materials submitted for adoption. In addition, a public hearing is held before the SBOE approximately two months before scheduled adoption. After consideration of evaluations submitted by state review panel members, information provided by publishers and others, TEA submits a final report to the SBOE recommending that instructional materials submitted be approved (conforming) or rejected (non-conforming).

    Local Selection and Distribution. Publishers are required to provide complete descriptions of newly adopted instructional materials to all school districts and open-enrollment charter schools. Each local board of trustees is responsible for determining appropriate local policy for selecting new instructional materials. And, under the auspices of SB6, adopted July 2011, all instructional materials are to be purchased by the local districts using funds provided in the Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA), and remain the property of the purchasing school district. Districts are accountable to the state yearly. Overview information obtained from http://tea.texas.gov/interiorpage.aspx?id=2147485614 .

    Instructional Materials Adoption Statement of Policy

    To ensure that Kennedale ISD’s instructional materials adoption process is conducted in a fair and non-discriminatory manner, the following guidelines have been established and must be strictly adhered to:

    The district uses a closed-adoption process.

    • All communication from vendors must be coordinated through the appropriate director or curriculum coordinator.
    • Vendors may not directly contact administrators or teachers.
    • The district has a specific process for the adoption of instructional materials, and this process is detailed in the proceeding pages of this manual. These processes must be adhered to in order to protect the district.
    • Any questions regarding the instructional materials adoption process should be directed to the Instructional Services Department for Kennedale ISD.


    TEA Guidelines