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    Updated for 2020-21


    Syllabus Linked Here

    Supply List 

    • 1 plastic folder with prongs and pockets 
    • Pens/pencils for the year 
    • Notebook paper for the year
    • 1 Composition Book 
    • 2 Boxes of facial tissue (Kleenex) *If learning in person


    *Additional supplies may be needed throughout the year and MAY change based on CDC Guidelines 

    Biology Topic Coverage: 

    Texas Biology TEKS -Link to state Standards 

    ·Lab Safety

    ·Cell Structure and Function

    ·Cell Growth and Differentiation



     ·DNA Structure and Function

    ·Protein Synthesis

    · Mutation and Changes in DNA

    ·Genetic Combinations

    ·Natural Selection


    ·Biological Classification


    ·Processes in Animals & Plants

    ·Systems in Animals & Plants

    ·Matter & Energy Flow

    ·Variations & Adaptations

    ·Ecosystem Relationships


    Study Techniques:

    Studying for classes involves more than just "cramming the night before a test." The following are suggestions to improve your grade in biology:

    • Write all assignment due dates in your planner.
    • Read over your notes soon after you have written them.
    • Review the vocabulary list as you go.
    • Do all warm-ups, homework, worksheets, study questions, etc.
    • Keep your handouts, lecture summaries, and study questions organized in your notebook and composition notebook.
    • Always read assigned material and make a graphic organizer to help you summarize main ideas.
    • Participate in class.
    • Study frequently and in small doses. 
    • Set up a study group and study with friends.
    • If you are having trouble with the material, get help early.  Do not wait until the end of the grading period.