Supply List Banner for Mrs. Church's Classes 21-22

Biology and Honors Biology Supplies

  • Updated for 2021-2022

    • 1 plastic folder with prongs and pockets 
    • Pens/pencils for the year 
    • Notebook paper for the year
    • 1 SEWN Composition Book *Everyone needs this, you can find these at Dollar Tree 
    • 1 Box of facial tissue (Kleenex) 

    *Additional supplies may be needed throughout the year 




  • Updated for 2021-2022 School year 

    • A basic calculator (graphing calculators are nice, but not required) 
    • Pens/Pencils
    • Loose leaf paper
    • 1 SEWN composition book, NO single subj. spirals please.  *Everyone needs this 
    • 1 Box of facial tissue (Kleenex) 
    • 1 inch binder or pocket folder with brads for LABS. *Everyone needs this 
    • 1 package of latex FREE disposable gloves for lab (50 count pack) 
    • Index Cards
    • Your wonderful brain!


    *Additional supplies may be needed throughout the year.