• What is DAEP?

    The DAEP is a behavior modification program designed to serve students who have been removed from their home campus and assigned to an alternative placement for violating the KISD Code of Conduct or students in the KISD who have been charged with other offenses in the community that warrant an assignment.  The DAEP program includes the following:

    • Academic excellence
    • Behavior management
    • Essential Academics
    • Individual & Group Counseling
    • A structured environment

    Information for Parents

    Once your student has been assigned to the DAEP:

    • Parent and student must attend an Intake Meeting, which will be set up at the time of the Placement Hearing.
    • The meeting:
      • Lasts about an hour
      • Student must be in dress code to start DAEP
      • Will include specifics about the program
    • The school day is from 8:15 - 3:15, Monday through Friday
    • We follow the KISD School calendar
    • Transportation to and/or from the DAEP is not provided by KISD
    • Breakfast/Lunches
      • May be brought from home
      • Breakfast and/or lunch can be ordered -- money for school meals should be in the KISD meal account to be eligible to order
      • Free or reduced meals apply


    Students must bring the following supplies on their first day of class at the DAEP:

    • 2 packages of notebook paper
    • 2 No. 2 pencils
    • 2 blue or 2 black pens
    • 1 hand held eraser
    • 1 box of tissues

    DAEP Dress Code

    Choices from the standardized dress code apparel, while at the DAEP will be limited to:

    • White, collared polo or dress shirts, to be worn, tucked in at all times.
    • Only white undershirts with NO wording on them are allowed.
    • Khaki colored Dockers™ STYLE slacks (any brand is acceptable) No shorts or Capri style pants
    • Black or brown belt to be worn daily.
    • Solid black or brown shoes or white tennis shoes may be worn.
    • No jewelry is to be worn at the DAEP, including watches.
    • No hooded jackets or sweatshirts may be worn in the classroom.  A plain white sweatshirt may be worn over the collared shirt, with the collar showing.  Coats must be turned in upon entering the building, along with backpacks.
    • All other stipulations in the KISD Standardized Dress Code will be adhered to strictly.

    *Students will need to comply with DAEP dress code on their first day of class at the DAEP.

    District Alternative Education Program Procedure Handbook 2018-2019